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Product Name:Plywood Veneer Core Roller Dryer Machine

Characteristic: We can OEM the width, length, daylights of

this machine for you as per your required capacity.

Veneer Core Thickness: 1-3mm


Description of Machines

Working Principle of our model:

Plywood veneer roller dryer machine is the important machine in drying section of plywood

board making process, and this machine is consisted of roller dryer main machine, heating

equipment(can be thermal oil or hot air) and controlling cabinet(DELTA PLC).

In the upper postion, we will install hot air blower, in the bottom postion, we will install

Induced draft fan. The drying room is mainly composed of rollers conveying device, main

air pipe, secondary air pipe, end air pipe and hot air back pipeline.

1) The rollers of this machine is used to convey the core veneer from inlet to oulet of this

veneer dryer machine, and can ensure veneer going in the straight road, not mix together.

2) The hot air producer pass the main air pipeline, to secondary air pipeline, then end air

pipeline, the hot air will be blowered on the face of veneer, and the moisture came across

the hot air, then the moisture will be brought from the veneer to hot air, then moisture will

be dried, and veneer core finally will be dried effectively.

3) as for the hot air stove machine, during its producing the hot air process, some hot air

maybe will brought out to the skype through the Chimney, but in this machine, we have

installed the extra heating recycling pipeline, then can use the extra hor air effectively, not


Advantages of our model:

1) heating temperature of drying, our hot air stove can ensure same, not up and down very fast;

2) having high efficiency of veneer drying, can ensure your final and dried veneer output;

3) full automatic, you can adjust the speed of drying by yourself;

Models of Veneer Core Dryer Machine:



Veneer Core Roller Dryer Machine Inner Pic:

Our Machine In Customer's Plant:

General Specification of Roller Dryer Machine:

Name Value
Veneer thickness available

1-3mm(more big thickness, please select this model)

Daylights of this machine available 1-3 layers
Heating equipment selection

1) can be direct hot air stove; 2) can be thermal boiler;

Roller thickness 6mm, diameter:89mm
Electrical parts Schneider..etc.
Reducer Machine Guomao
Other detailed specifications, we need to settle after knowing your required capacity.