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Product Name: Thick veneer spindle peeling machine

Models: Vertical model


Function: spindle peeler is used to peel the thick core veneer from wood log, the wood log max.

diameter can reach 1500mm, the final core veneer thickness range:1-10mm.

Description of Machines

1. Model One-GLFVTSP-2600MM:

this machine chuck working process and details:

Hydraulic double chuck peeling machine, during the wood log peeling work, in order to avoid damage the wood log, we specially designed, left chuck diameter is 280mm, right middle diameter is 220mm, small chuck diameter is 110mm and 150mm, when the wood log peeling reach 320mm, in the PLC program we will set, then peeling diameter reach 320mm, the biggest chuck will be back automatically, when peeling wood log reach 260mm, the right middle diameter chuck will be back automatically, when log do the peeling diameter is 110mm, the  knife table will go back automatically to max. Openning 1200mm any position, 150mm chuck is only applicable for peeling thickness is 5mm and above 5mm.

This machine use the touching screen to control the peeling thickness 0.2mm to 10mm arbitrary adjustment, and in the controlling cabinet, have set thickness 1 and thickness 2, two mode, during the peeling process, It can be switched freely during the spinning process.

2. Technical parameters as below:

Model No. GLFVTSP-2600MM
Peeler frame heavy model
Peeling width range 6ft to 8ft(adjustable)
Effective wood log diameter 1300mm
Main motor power 69.6kw
Loading motor power 3kw x 2sets
Working power 240V/380V/415V/440V, Customized.
Core veneer peeling thickness 0.5-10mm
Diameter of wood log left after peeling 160mm
Peeling speed of this machine 10-40m/min
Total weight 23000KGS
Dimension of this machine 6000x2350x2600mm
HS code 8465960000

3. Detailed pics of this big thickness veneer spindle peeling line/machine:

4. Spindle core veneer peeling machine goods loading pic for my customer in Indonesia:

5. Other machines name and foto including in this thick core veneer peeling line:

1) round wood log debarker machine:

2) servo veneer clipper machine/veneer cutter machine:

6. Layout of this thick core veneer peeling line:

More Working Video Information, Please Click as below: