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Product Name:Plywood Veneer Composer Machine

Characteristic: Full automatic operation! Veneer connector

and Finished Veneer Stacking Machine.

Models of our full automatic servo core veneer composer machine:


Description of Machines

4ft core veneer composer machine, 4ft core veneer splicing machine, 4ft core veneer builder machine:

8ft core veneer composer machine, 8ft core veneer splicing machine, 8ft core veneer builder machine:

Detailed description about our veneer splicing machine:

Another selection for consuming material-Polyester Yarn:

Technical parameter table form of Polyester Yarn as below:

Color full bright, semi bright
Odor odorless
Safety-relevant data  
Specific gravity 1390 kg/m3(25íŠ)
Melting point 256íŠ
Flash point 390íŠ
Solubility in water negligible
Content of Solvents negligible
Auto-ignition temperature 508íŠ
Decomposition temperature decomposition starts at 300íŠ