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Product Name:Plywood Glue Spreader Machine

Size:4FT & 8FT

Characteristic: Good adjustable for glue spreading accuracy.

Description of Machines

4feet glue spreader machine, 5ft glue spreading machine:

Function: gluing veneers, then paving the mat-plywood board.

Technical parameters tables of 4ft glue spreader machine:

Dimension 2200x1000x1400mm
Roller quantity 4pcs
Rubber thickness 13mm
Glue roller diameter 246mm
Squeezing roller diameter 217mm
Gluing speed 24-90m/min
Motor power 3KW
Reducer machine 2 cycloid pin
Max. veneer width 1270mm
Max. veneer thickness 20mm
Total weight of this machine 1000kgs
HS code 8465990000

8 feet glue spreader machine, 9ft glue spreading machine:

Working speed


Diameter of glue coating roller 340mm
Length of glue coating roller 2700mm
Diameter of glue squeeze roller 240mm
Length of glue squeeze roller 2700mm
Power of motor 5.5kw
Max. veneer thickness 30mm
Max. veneer width 2700mm
Overall dimension 3500x1250x1400mm
Machine's weight 3200KGS
HS code 8465990000

4 feet, 5 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet NEW TYPE glue spreader machine:

Description of glue spreading machine:

The glue spreader machine spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, block board

and so on. it has three rollers and four rollers. The one with three rollers is single-side glue coating machine.

The glue spreader with four rollers is double-side coating machine. The glue spreader is divided into 4ft, 5ft,

8ft, 9ft and so on. It can be customized according to client's requirement. It is produced with resonable design,

glue coating averagely, saving cost, easy operation and lower price.

Features of this machine:

1. It has various uses, it can be used for core veneer, multi-layer board, plywood, block board and so on.

2. It has coating averagely, high productivity, saving glue, saving staff and save cost.

3. Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.

4. Rubber rollers is made by the high quality natural rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate treatment seamless

steel pipe, also is covered by stainless steel plate material, whole working life no RUST HAPPENED.

5. The safety device is able to immediate stop the machine whenever the danger occurred.

6. Easy operation and easy maintenance.