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Product Name:Plywood Glue Mixer Machine, plywood glue mixing machine

Size:Φ800 & Φ1000mmx800mm

Characteristic: Use Gear to replace Leather belt to connect motor and rotor.

Description of Machines

Normal model of plywood glue mixer machine:

High speed model of plywood glue mixer machine:

Description of this glue mixer machine:

The glue mixer machine is main equipment which is used to modulate the glue for plywood. Glue mixer

is included into vertical glue mixer and hydraulic lifting glue mixer. The speed of glue mixer must be suitable.

If the speed is more quick, the air can be mixer into the glue easily, the glue will have foam; if the speed is

slower, the mixing is not averagely. the speed usuallyt is 20-60r/min. The capacity of the glue mixer machine

can be customized by your production capacity. The mixing capacity per cycle usually need to meet 1 hour

production needs.

Hydraulic lifting glue mixer features:

1. This glue mixer adopt hydraulic lifting and dropping, so mixing the glue averagely.

2. Adopts frequency speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted according to different production process

This can meet the different glue specification requirement of each production process.

3. Machine production capacity can be customized accordingly to client's requirement.

Vertical glue mixer specification table:

Barrel diameter Dia.800x800mm
Machine capacity 150KGS PER CYCLE
Motor power 3KW
Machine weight 100KGS

Hydraulic lifting glue mixer specification table:

Motor power selection 11KW, 15KW
Glue mixing speed control frequency speed regulation
Lifting mode cylinder hydraulic lifting and decreasing
Attached glue barrel numbers 2PCS